MCLB Barstow, CA Housing and Relocation Information

    Housing Information
    The military provides two options for the use of your Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH). The first option is living on base. Your second option is using your BAH to rent or buy a home off base.

    • The Housing Office  (760) 577-6707. Contact the HMO as soon as you know you are moving. You will be provided with the latest information on local housing as well as referral services and relocation assistance. They offer counseling and guidance before entering into a lease agreement and help resolve tenant-landlord disputes.
    MCLB Barstow On Base Housing
    • All on-base housing for MCLB Barstow is managed by the Housing Office listed above. 

    MCLB Barstow, CA Off Base Housing

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    Surrounding areas
    MCLB Barstow is just outside Barstow, California a small city with about 23,000 people, in San Bernardino County, which has a population of about 2 million people. Other nearby towns include Hinkley, Yermo, Newberry Springs, and Lenwood. Barstow to MCLB Barstow is about a 10 minute commute.Barstow is a small city in the Mojave Desert, about midway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas (about 2 hours to either city). This area is within 3 hours of cities, the ocean, and the mountains. Barstow is a transportation hub, a crossroads for highway and rail shipping, which is why there's a logistics base here. The Barstow area has a moderate desert climate, mild winters and hot summers. Citites near MCLB Barstow: Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia, and Lucerne Valley.

    About the Installation
    MCLB BarstowWas established in 1942 as the Marine Corps Depot of Supplies after the United States Navy turned it over to be used for supplies and equipment storage.  MCLB Barstow provide full spectrum logistics from 3 million sq ft of warehouse space and 30 million sq ft of open lot storage. Their mission is to enable operational readiness through infrastructure, logistics and services in order to support Marine Corps, Army. For more information click here